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It’s not just the proposed land that we inspect, it’s the surrounding area and community within it. We create opportunities that people will love, before they’ve even realised that they need it

Our history

Breaking new boundaries

At Fortitudo, we work closely with the environmental and town planning specialists at every juncture of our planning journey for each individual property or site we take on, and rightly so.

Design heralds a point in time. No building is built to last forever - maintenance works and advances in systems and technologies make some buildings completely out of date and no longer suitable for their initial purpose. At Fortitudo we test to see if the structure is solid, if so then we renovate and update the interior. Or, if the building as a whole is no longer viable, then we re-design the entire concept and come up with something that works.


35 years of planning experience

Is your current planning application running into a quagmire of dispute and in danger of failing, or do you want to begin the planning process and wish to refine your plans to ensure success? Either way, at Fortitudo we have 35 years of planning experience and have a broad understanding of planning law. Our work centres around the fact that each of our projects is entirely unique with its own set of bespoke requirements and solutions. Therefore it’s best to contact us for a full consultation of your options.

Whether it’s a brown field that requires a development plan, a site that’s been refused planning, or an ailing business that sits on a valuable site and needs to be re-designed to capitalise on it commercially, you will benefit from 35 years of experience to propel it forwards. We will consult with you to devise a new plan to secure future success.


Tailored to you

At Fortitudo we like to break boundaries of design with clever, innovative solutions. Drawing from 35 years of experience we know we have the ability to take careful consideration of the surrounding landscape and collaborate with you to create the home of your dreams. From the restoration of listed buildings to include modern amenities that will make them stand strong for future generations, to taking a previously untouched plot of land and building a masterpiece to behold, each property is completely bespoke in its design and finished crafting.

Successful planning proposals
Been refused planning? We can anticipate the issues surrounding your design and will reconceptualise it for you to bring around a positive result in your application.

Land sourcing
Struggling to source the exact plot to bring your idea to life? Land owners contact us directly when they wish to sell and on 90% of occasions the land sale has been agreed before it’s ever gone to public market. If you’re looking for something specific, particularly in a highly desirable area get in contact immediately to discuss your needs and join our prospective list.

Environmentally sustainable builds
Type ‘biomimicry’ into your search engine and you’ll view the latest cutting edge advances both in design build and interior design. It’s absolutely intriguing and we will work with you to incorporate every aspect of this into your concept. You and your eventual home will literally both be living, breathing entities.

Time honoured building practices to support ground breaking designs
We only work with experts in their fields to bring your dreams into fruition to life to achieve your desired effect. Whether its placing skylights in manor houses to let in more natural light to cantilevering rooms we will achieved your desired effect. View our partners page to find out more about our team.

First time buyers

Homes to shape communities

At Fortitudo we’re building and shaping communities and one very real issue within the local community is first time buyers.

Everyone wants that ‘wow factor’ when they invite their family and friends around to their new home. At Fortitudo we’ve found ways to ensure that our high quality of design and build is incorporated into these new and clever spaces.

“Everyone’s ideas of their dream home are completely different. There is nothing more satisfying than helping people realise their specific dreams and see them come to life.”

Richard Carr

“Designing homes always presents challenges to be overcome. At Fortitudo we take great pride in offering property solutions to a market place where the house prices rise faster than any wage ever could.”

Richard Carr

“It’s not just the proposed land that we inspect, it’s the surrounding area and community within it. Deep research within our key sources unlock future desired locations and consumer trends which we then latch on to. Creating opportunities that people will love, before they’ve even realised that they need it.”

Richard Carr

Our team

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organisational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.’

- Andrew Carnegie

Meet the team

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