FJB Hotels
Modern approach for
three historic hotels

The brief

The shareholders of FJB Group wished to update their portfolio of peninsula hotels in Sandbanks Dorset, and also create additional accommodation and facilities for a modern future.

The result

Iconic architecture

In June 2016 the shareholders of FJB approached Fortitudo to create a vision to maximise their assets in the hotel group, without risk to their business. They well aware of the need to renew the existing hotel stock and so approached Fortitudo to create a range of options for consideration.

A visionary approach has led to 3 separate schemes of iconic status that ensure the group stays at the forefront of the leisure industry.

Project Value: £200 million

Approved: Subject to planning

The outcome of this is the creation of a new residential village at the Haven Hotel which will become the enabling development for the new schemes at Sandbanks Hotel and Harbour Heights Hotel.

This vision will benefit Poole’s tourism offer, the local economy and create businesses fit for the 21st century.

"Everyone’s ideas of their dream home are completely different. There is nothing more satisfying than helping people realise their specific dreams and see them come to life."

Richard Carr

"It’s not just the proposed land that we inspect, it’s the surrounding area and community within it. Deep research within our key sources unlock future desired locations and consumer trends which we then latch on to. Creating opportunities that people will love, before they’ve even realised that they need it."

Richard Carr

"Designing homes always presents challenges to be overcome. At Fortitudo we take great pride in offering property solutions to a market place where the house prices rise faster than any wage ever could."

Richard Carr