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Our past projects

View the scope and variety of our commercial, bespoke and starter home projects

Multiple designs, bespoke planning applications and a visionary approach are all part of the Fortitudo service. No two days or projects are alike, so when we’re asked to consult on the potential regeneration of a site, we do so with fresh eyes, giving our full attention to each client to ensure maximum GDV on each plot.

Browse our past projects, they demonstrate our flair for design and ability to provide concepts that work with hand-in-hand with local councils to achieve fantastic results for local communities.


31 Danecourt Road, Poole

Ashcombe House, Southampton

Wilson Court, Poole

The Cross, Poole

Knights Keep, Kings Worthy

Willow Park, Havant

Highlands, Fareham

Crosstrees, Poole

12-14 Ardmore Road, Poole

Arley Road & Sherwood Avenue, Poole

12 St Clair Road, Poole

101 Lilliput Road, Poole

105 Lilliput Road, Poole

107 Lilliput Road, Poole

Dolphin Quays, Poole

Capella, Poole

28 Tower Road, Poole

Compton Avenue, Poole

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“Everyone’s ideas of their dream home are completely different. There is nothing more satisfying than helping people realise their specific dreams and see them come to life.”

Richard Carr

“Designing homes always presents challenges to be overcome. At Fortitudo we take great pride in offering property solutions to a market place where the house prices rise faster than any wage ever could.”

Richard Carr

“It’s not just the proposed land that we inspect, it’s the surrounding area and community within it. Deep research within our key sources unlock future desired locations and consumer trends which we then latch on to. Creating opportunities that people will love, before they’ve even realised that they need it.”

Richard Carr

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