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Breaking boundaries of design, shaping horizons for future generations

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Fortitudo Property brings a fresh and dynamic approach to developing property

Shape your future with a new horizon. Drawing from 35 years of experience in the property industry, our work covers three distinct areas. We are skilled in designing, gaining planning and regenerating commercial assets to become commercially viable again, benefitting the local communities that they’re in.

Our bespoke homes literally turn dreams into realities; sensitive to the lie of the land we find that they supersede the original wishes of the owner. Our starter homes enable people to finally get on the property ladder, receiving the keys to a brand new home that’s theirs, for the very first time. All sectors retain the highest distinction of design, consultation, planning and execution. Guaranteed to include the highest levels of craftmanship and expert detailing.


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Bringing a new development into fruition is never a job for one person alone, it takes a whole room of experts and visionaries

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Vespasian, Poole Quay


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“Everyone’s ideas of their dream home are completely different. There is nothing more satisfying than helping people realise their specific dreams and see them come to life.”

Richard Carr

“Designing homes always presents challenges to be overcome. At Fortitudo we take great pride in offering property solutions to a market place where the house prices rise faster than any wage ever could.”

Richard Carr

“It’s not just the proposed land that we inspect, it’s the surrounding area and community within it. Deep research within our key sources unlock future desired locations and consumer trends which we then latch on to. Creating opportunities that people will love, before they’ve even realised that they need it.”

Richard Carr

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